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I am looking forward to writing about my ideas, views on the contemporary visual art scene, and the creative process in general. If my current planning works out, I am hoping to be able to do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It all depends on how this business of stringing words together becomes available to me.

It is my experience that painting a picture or writing about whatever it is that motivated such an action are two different forms of expression. While the motivating content that is seeking expression might be the same in each case, it’s the form that the expression takes that is different.

I find that reaching for what I want to say in the form of writing does not have the same facility that I feel I have when it comes to painting. In any case, they both can start with a feeling or an idea that emerges from within an interior motivating source and rise to awareness where they can be given form if the intention and the means are in place to do so.

A world of ideas, observations, and reflections await delivery into, in this case, a written form. They need ordering, clarification, alignment, if they are to provide coherence in giving them expression. Let’s see what takes form in writing and new paintings in the coming weeks.