in quest of a countenance

a search for meaning in a world in transition

About John N. Inglis

This site is dedicated to all those who are gathering together at the crossroads of our contemporary culture in order to advance the conversation toward a comprehensive integral worldview during a radical shift in consciousness from what the world has been to what it may become.


The theme of this painting is but another verse in the song of unity. Our figure lies in a meadow of blue flowers bathed by the illuminations of the night, in a state of mind that goes beyond the perceived limitations of space and time. The beacons above and below find their echoes in an expanded awareness of the nature of Being.


The advent of Picasso’s 1907 painting titled Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and his collaboration with Georges Braque in the development of Cubism were pivotal events in the scrapping of the traditional Western visual arts canon.